We offer our customers and their crew our modern facilities equipped with all amenities to make your wait and flight preparation as comfortable as posible. All of this, obviously strategically located at Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCL) in Santiago.


Our 1,400 square meters (15.000 square feet) hangar is at our customers’ disposal, both for helicopters and airplanes. Our hangar has direct access to the ​​controlled area of International Police (Immigration), Customs and SAG, before reaching the pasenger and crew area upon arrival.


We have a platform of 1,300 square meters (nearly 14.000 square feet) in front of our hangar for up to four jets. For your convenience there is a direct access to the taxiway. Aircrafts that for any reason could not be served on our platform,  will be serviced remotely from our FBO.

Vehicle Parkings

Next to our facilities we have roofed parking lots for the vehicles of our customers and their crews.